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what are

smart lockers?

Pelebox is a digital platform that manages various internet enabled smart lockers. Pelebox smart lockers enable patients to collect their repeat chronic medication in under 2 minutes instead of waiting hours queuing at public clinics. It’s a social innovation that leverages the power of technology to improve service delivery and truly offer patient centric service

Pelebox smart lockers can be placed at various locations such as shopping malls commuter

nodes or at partner retail outlets. They represent alternative ways of reaching patients, thus ensuring that core clinic resources can now focus on patient interface rather than spend time on dispensing.

Pelebox smart lockers work in a setting where a national health ministry needs to reach more people but is limited by the number of traditional healthcare facilities, staff shortages and higher patient volumes.

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why we

need smart


South Africa has world's biggest ART (antiretroviral therapy programme) for patients living with HIV and AIDS, and there's been a steady increase in the number of patients with non-communicable diseases (NCDs), requiring chronic therapy. 84% of our citizens are using public sector facilities for health services. The combined challenge of staff shortage and large patient volumes lead to long waiting times at clinics.

Typically, a patient with a chronic disease is issued a repeat prescription for 6 months.

Between 6-monthly clinical assessments, the patient needs to visit the healthcare facility merely to collect medication.

About 70% of a facility’s daily prescription load are devoted to servicing repeat prescriptions. A patient's experience tends to be one of long waiting times, typically above 3 hours. Over 4.3 million man-hours are lost every month. This poses potential adherence barriers which may lead to poor health outcomes and places a strain on the patient in terms of transport costs and loss of income.

how it works?

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A patient is enrolled into the local clinic’s collection program

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They are issued with a 6 month prescription for chronic medication

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Pre packaged medication is loaded into the pelebox smart locker

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The system sends a patient an OTP (one-time-pin) via SMS

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The patient arrives to collect medication at their self-service pelebox smart locker

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Enters their cellphone number together with their OTP for confirmation

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A cubicle with their medication opens for collection

product features.

WebPlatform Image

Web Platform

Web Platform for monitoring operations
on a dashboard and mobile devices.

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Integrated Record Management System

Integrates to existing patient record
management system.

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Electronic Medication Tracking

Tracks the dispensing of medication and
reconciles collections daily for all sites.

Battery Backup Image

Battery Backup

Equipped with battery backup for
emergency operations.

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Scalable Technology that is more
economical than direct deliveries.

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24 - hour access

Not limited to traditional healthcare facilities
and 24-hour access based on chosen location.

ModularDesign Image

Modular design

Increase capacity based on demand.

TemperatureControlled Image

Temperature controlled

19 - 24 degrees temperature range.

Integrated Clinical

Services Management

Aligns with the Ideal Clinic Program, in particular, the Integrated Clinical Services Management that deals with patient waiting time.


Health Insurance

Aligns with National Health Insurance (NHI) - CCMDD pillar by acting as a convenient pick-up-point for patients.

what people say.

what’s next?

Technovera has been working with the City of Tshwane and the National Department of Health in South Africa on a Pelebox pilot aimed at showing the impact of technology on reducing the average time spent in a clinic and adoption from patients. Thus far, we have reached over 3000 patients with an average collection duration of 36 seconds (much lower than the anticipated 2 min) and have established two additional sites in partnership with the City of Johannesburg.

We are planning to set up over 30 Pelebox smart lockers to ensure that patients don’t struggle when collecting their chronic medication. We are also looking for partners and sponsors who can help us achieve this. We need to reach more patients through our simple and innovative technology. We see a future where the hustle of collecting medication is reduced to a couple of seconds instead of hours.

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